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Chakra Story - Healing Comfort Earrings


These are perfect earrings for those who have multiple piercing or who just love tiny comfortable earrings that are so comfortable that you can sleep soundly and allow the healing properties of the gemstones aid and sooth you to a restful night sleep and an energetic day. Our new collection of Healing Comfort Earrings tell a story. This is the Chakra Story. You will receive 10 earrings total 6 gemstone earrings 1 each of amethyst, matte carnelian, Lapis, Malachite, Rose Quartz and Hematite each made with Sterling Silver. You will also receive 1 pair of Rose Gold Filled and 1 pair of Gold Filled tiny half hoops that will allow you to mix your metals. The Chakra Story Healing Comfort Earring Set features gemstones for each Chakra. Root-Hematite, Sacral-Carnelian, Solar - Malachite, Heart-Rose Quartz, Throat-Lapis, 3rd Eye & Crown- Amethyst. Set your intent, find your story and discover the benefits gemstones their meaning and ways in which to combined them to be the best you.

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