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Sterling Silver and Rainbow Fluorite Horseshoe Bracelet


Add balance to your life. Rainbow  Fluorite Horseshoe Bracelet is a must have staple.  Wear alone or stack several to an arm. All gemstones have metaphysical properties, so pick several to complete your life or your wordrobe.

Fluorite is a cosidered the stone of forgiveness. It entergizes all of the chakra.  It is a great stone for keeping relationships loving a healthy.  It is said to calm the mind, promoting flexibilty and free thinking.

Fluorite is said to aid the health of bones and teeth. Which makes it an ideal stone for those who suffer from arthritis and other bone disorders.


Entire handcrafted Bracelet is made of .925 Sterling Silver including the  handcrafted sterling silver clasp. I design my clasps so you will never need assistance in wearing or removing your bracelets.



Also available as necklace, contact me for quote.


Each piece is handcrafted and individually unique so all stones will not be identical.


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